We go to the Lost and don’t wait for them to come to us…

Come get to know the Crusaders Family, where it’s not about quantity but about quality!

We are a registered non profit motorcycle ministry. We are a FRONT LINE ministry and are able to go into the “fire” and pull people out. We go where others fear or can’t go and reach the people others may feel are not worth it. We have the opportunities to go to biker parties, biker events, minister in the street, and in churches where we get to know people that we may otherwise not get the chance to know. They get the chance to see that Christian people can still live the life of freedom and also have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Most people in today’s society think that Christianity is boring, but my friend we are far from that. God is exciting and fun. We sometimes get to talk to these bikers about our relationship with Jesus Christ other times our actions of Brotherhood and unconditional love show what Jesus is all about. We witness all the time and speak whenever. The bad say we are too good for them and the good say we are too bad for them. Come see what YOU think on Sundays at 12pm.

In His Service,

Marty Owens
President, CSF M/M

We are always looking foward to meeting new people and catching up with old friends. Come ride with us!

Our doors are always open.
Come Join us for our weekly meeting at 1400 East Parrish Ave., Owensboro, KY 40301
Call (270) 316-5918 or email owens7@bellsouth.net for more information.